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Looking for a consultant in Artificial Intelligence?

We can help you to bring the latest innovations in machine learning to your business.

Business Consultation

We will analyze your business processes and will devise a plan on how can we empower your organization with Artificial Intelligence.

Predictive Models

We can use your collected data in order to make predictions about your business and customer behavior.

Image Recognition

We can develop solutions to many computer vision tasks such as object recognition, image classification, face detection, etc...

Text Processing

We create text analysis and Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions for your organization.

About Miguel Pedroso

Miguel Pedroso is an experienced Data Scientist and Computer Engineer that specializes in building and deploying machine learning solutions that empower organizations.

Artificial Intelligence is becoming more and more important for businesses and organizations. Machine learning can be used to analyze data, find and understand previously unnoticed patterns (e.g. client behavior) and to take decisions. AI can bring new insights and efficiency to businesses and will become one of the key differentiating factors between competitors. Organizations that apply AI into their business processes will much more likely succeed and increase their market share to their competitors that use only traditional methods.

Miguel is passionate about helping organizations to deal with these new challenges, and implement AI-powered solutions that makes businesses more efficient, more competitive and more profitable.

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